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My name is Olga Dimov. In this blog, I write about all things I am interested in and passionate about. I have embarked on a one-year journey of self-discovery and this blog helps me document and reflect on my experiences and adventures. I write about my lifestyle, experiences, travels, art, and culture; profile the social good individuals and organizations are doing in the communities; highlight the life stories of inspiring people (refugees, survivors of human trafficking, women,etc); and describe what actions governments and organizations are doing to fight brutal crimes committed against humanity across the globe.  Also, I am working on several side projects. I am gaining expertise on the subject of anti-human trafficking and volunteering with several organizations in Hong Kong. Further, I am in the the process of setting up to make monthly donations, from my Olgalor Tutoring business, to a French based NGO in Cambodia that is working to assist children with their education and caters to their social needs. Finally, I have recently picked up photography again and planning out several photography projects which will highlight social issues or help celebrate achievements of people in the community. 

I am an anti-human trafficking activist and a strong supporter that all men, women, and children should have access to basic human rights. I have just completed an Operation Railroad Underground training course, "Know the Signs of Human Trafficking" (https://ourrescue.org/training). Additionally, I have just enrolled into 2 18-week courses for legal professionals through the Council of Europe, "Combating Trafficking in Human Beings" and "Access to Justice for Women."

 Additionally,  I have 

started a small business,

Olgalor Tutoring. Ten percent of monthly

income goes directly to support non-profit

organizations that provide social care services to

women and children in need.


I am preparing to become a 100% digital nomad. This lifestyle will allow me to have a flexible schedule so that I can fulfill my dream of traveling around the world and volunteer with organizations that work around the clock to rescue women and children from trafficking and provide them with the rehabilitation services.  I hope you will join me on my journey and enjoy my posts. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback and/or share your own experiences. 

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