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A new healthy me, learning to put myself 1st

In the last 2 months, I have been learning to put myself first. It is incredibly hard to do. A few years back I began to live an unhealthy lifestyle. I stopped putting myself first.

I was very fit throughout my undergraduate years, then I traveled abroad where I had survived a traumatic situation which put a stop to my career and after which it took me several years to rebuild my life. In addition to that, I fell and broke my right leg, which resulted in a tibial plateau fracture. Unfortunately, I allowed the emotional and physical pain to take over and control every aspect of my life. I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

I gained some weight because I was eating unhealthily and not exercising properly. I stopped believing in myself and that I can accomplish anything. I have given up. I have stopped putting myself first. It took a few years of the long recovery and the support of my family, friends, and strangers to get me to change my attitude about life and finally stop hiding behind my own shadow. It took a second traumatic situation to force me to begin examining my life from a different perspective. I began to see what my family and friends saw all along.

I am happy to say that in the last five months, I lost about 12 kgs (26.5 lbs), began exercising more regularly, and completely changed my lifestyle. I stopped coming up with excuses. I now walk on average 11 km (6.8 miles) per day and am starting to get back into running. I try to eat healthy meals most of the time. The change in my physical appearance also led me to believe in myself again and that I can accomplish anything I want. I am now learning to balance work, life, and my hobbies. I stopped taking life so seriously. I am giving myself room to make mistakes.

I noticed how my physical and mental state also began to positively have an impact on my career development and personal life. That is why I want to share what changes I am making in my lifestyle with you, my readers. I used to believe that I was being selfish for putting myself first. However, I soon realized if I don’t put my wellbeing first, I will not be able to continue the work I am passionate about or be there for my loved ones when they need me. To be able to help others, I need to make my wellbeing a priority. I am learning to do just that by slowly making lifestyle changes such as eating more healthily, exercising more, and allowing myself to make mistakes.

I will continue to blog about my lifestyle changes and will be thankful for any feedback and advice you can share with me. What has worked for you? What didn’t? Have you experienced something similar in your life? How were you able to rebuild your life?


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